Hoarder or Chucker?

  Are you a hoarder or a chucker? A keeper or a reaper? Here’s my stance… ‘Merch’ is an honorary title bestowed upon myself by two friends in acknowledgement of my love of merchandise. I don’t even need to buy lots – I just like looking at it. It’s the only form of shopping that I can tolerate. T-shirts, hats, pencils, tea-towels, postcards, key-rings, and my absolute favourite – miniature castles and figurines. You know – like those models of the Eiffel Tower or the Egyptian Pyramids. I once had a small-scale Collosseum that I’d bought in Rome on our […]

President Donald – Jesus is the Trump card

Okay, you caught me. I wrote a post about President Trump just to piggyback my blog onto the incessant publicity he’s getting. Are you as sick as I am of seeing his squishy moronic tangerine face plastered on every Facebook video and much-shared-meme going? So, Trump and Jesus, Jesus and Trump. What do they have in common? They both polarise opinion. They were/are despised by many leaders, and threatened the status quo. They were/are loved by a few intensely loyal followers. However, Jesus didn’t have a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp, and it’s safe to say the comparisons […]

Justice & Mercy

Seventy-one years ago today (20th Nov 1945) the Nuremberg Trials began in Germany, bringing to justice the Nazi military figures who committed such atrocious crimes against humanity in WWII. A day of reckoning. A day of victory for millions of victims and their families. A day of justice. This morning (20th Nov 2016) Pope Francis closed the Holy door at St. Peter’s Basilica, commemorating the end of a year celebrating forgiveness, during which the door was left open as a symbol of these values. The Pope urged us as human beings not to shut the door on reconciliation in our […]

Thank God for Vomit

There’s nothing quite like twelve hours of D&V, after a week-long chest infection, to take your mind off the latest 4 month spell of depression. These three factors left me feeling quite sorry for myself in the wee hours of this morning. But as the bowels of my digestive system met the bowels of the night, I began to learn afresh about the power of thankfulness. Loathe as I am to admit it, I’m quite a gifted host of pity-parties – particularly when I’m the only one on the guest-list. With the party in full swing on my bathroom floor […]