President Donald – Jesus is the Trump card

Okay, you caught me. I wrote a post about President Trump just to piggyback my blog onto the incessant publicity he’s getting. Are you as sick as I am of seeing his squishy moronic tangerine face plastered on every Facebook video and much-shared-meme going?

So, Trump and Jesus, Jesus and Trump. What do they have in common?

  1. They both polarise opinion.
  2. They were/are despised by many leaders, and threatened the status quo.
  3. They were/are loved by a few intensely loyal followers.

However, Jesus didn’t have a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp, and it’s safe to say the comparisons end there. Comparison isn’t my point in this post. As the title suggests, I believe that Jesus is the ‘trump card’ this world – and the President – needs most.

Jesus came to earth as God incarnate, to trump evil with good, trump death with life, trump sin with freedom, and trump judgement with mercy.

I’ve experienced Jesus’ transforming power, and I’ve pondered what impact Jesus would have on President Trump. I’ve actually been challenged on how I live out my personal faith by this mop-haired-muppet who somehow has the free world by the short and curlies.

Challenge #1 – Love your enemies.

Jesus calls us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us (Matthew 5:44). Donald Trump isn’t my ‘enemy’ per se, but he’s certainly closer to that than a friend. I’m sure if I was Mexican, or a woman (or even a Mexican woman!) I would find it very hard to love Donald Trump. There are people I don’t like (shocking, I know), and one of the ways I can love someone that I really don’t want to is to pray for them. I find that as I pray for them, my attitude towards them softens, and the empathic part of my heart leans a little in their direction. Jesus’ mercy begins to trump my judgement as I pray.

But loving Trump? I find it SO much easier to bitch and moan about him, and ridicule his pompous appearance, than genuinely pray for his leadership and his life. I should be putting my energy into praying for positive change, not negative criticism. Which leads me to point 2.

Challenge #2 – No-one is beyond the transformational power of God’s grace.

In Trump’s case I’ve struggled to believe this, I’ve just written him off as a hopeless case. Could he really be changed? Hasn’t he walked too far down the arrogant path of autocratic idiocy?

But the Apostle Paul is testimony that no-one is beyond God’s transforming love. After Jesus’ death, Paul was running around trying to imprison and kill Jesus’ followers – the earliest Christians. Then he met Jesus face to face, on the road to Damascus. He had an encounter so powerful that his life was totally changed. He began to love and help the very people who he had previously hated and hunted. He started churches, and won people over to Jesus.

Imagine the Presidential equivalent of this. Trump has an encounter with Jesus, then starts campaigning for feminism and women’s equality. Instead of building a wall between Mexico and the USA, he increases US aid to the country, and encourages trade and migration between the two nations. Trump’s judgement would yield to mercy, his arrogance to humility.

This is what I mean about Jesus being the ‘trump card’. He is the only redeemer of the un-redeemable. His sacrifice on the cross was an open-armed display of blood-soaked grace. An invitation to every sinner, great or small, to be forgiven and made new.

His offer of transformation transcends every perceived division – nationality, ethnicity, social class. It transcends the merciless judgement that man has imposed on fellow man. It’s a free gift. It really is a trump card. It trumps fear. It trumps hate.

So as for President Donald, I still think he’s a self-obsessed plonker whose surname is slang for a fart.

But I am praying that he will discover that Jesus is the only Trump card.



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  1. My favourite blog so far. REALLY well written.

    My only other reflection is you’ve written, ” Jesus didn’t have a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp”…and yet look at your profile picture… 🙂

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