This ancient book, these ancient trees…

  “Ancient woodland has a high value” read the information board in the Devil’s Punch-bowl of forest and fields in Hindhead, Surrey. I pondered the statement as I was walking and reading another ancient article with high value; my Bible. Lynn DeShazo puts it brilliantly “Holy words long preserved, for our walk in this world…” Leafing through the wisdom-rich pages of God’s word is like treading the long-trodden trail between these tree-trunks that have stood here for centuries like nature’s holy sentries. Pillars of strength, life, growth and knowledge; providing shade and shelter for even the most insignificant of invertebrates. I […]

Thank God for Vomit

There’s nothing quite like twelve hours of D&V, after a week-long chest infection, to take your mind off the latest 4 month spell of depression. These three factors left me feeling quite sorry for myself in the wee hours of this morning. But as the bowels of my digestive system met the bowels of the night, I began to learn afresh about the power of thankfulness. Loathe as I am to admit it, I’m quite a gifted host of pity-parties – particularly when I’m the only one on the guest-list. With the party in full swing on my bathroom floor […]